Thank you again and glad to be apart of this movement.

Juan Adams

Tennessee State University

Thank you and your colleagues for working with TSU on this project. We need some help and I hope that many of the contributing authors will begin or continue giving money back to our fine institution of higher learning.

Alfred Degranfinreid II

Tennessee State University

Thanks so much for inviting me to be apart of this experience.

Airielle Vincent

Tennessee State University

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Kyndall Lewis

Tennessee State University

This was a great experience!

Madelyn Hubbard

Tennessee State University

Thank you and I appreciate your work on this project

Harold M. Love. Jr. Ph.D

Tennessee State University

Thank you Ashley! That’s awesome news. Just know that your vision that was planted in you has the ability to bless college students all over the world. May God continue to bless you. Amen.

Dr. Malia Jackson

Tennessee State University
  • Ashlee Brooks-Lead Author/Partner

  • Koereyelle Dubose-HEADLINER/Partner

  • Dr.Tameka Winston-Foreword Author

  • Brenda Gilmore-Foreword Author

  • Karen Polk-Contributing Author

  • Brooke Kimbro-Scott-Contributing Author

  • Melody Hubbard-Robinson-Contributing Author

  • Kyndall Lewis-Contributing Author

  • Airielle Vincent-Contributing Author

  • Madelyn Hubbard-Contributing Author

  • Ashlee Oliver-Contributing Author

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  • Dr. Malia R. Jackson-Contributing Author

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